I have organized many conferences, including:

Researching Children, Global Childhoods and Education

This conference, held March 24-26, 2011 at the CUNY Graduate Center, brought together leading experts in the fields of Critical Childhood and Educational Studies. Through this interdisciplinary conference we sought to advance theories and methodological practices that cultivate children’s agency in the research and educational process. Central themes included issues related to power, generation, identities and subjectivities (e.g. gender, ethnicity/race, class, sexualities), children’s language, and cultural and social brokering, as these are influenced by broader processes of globalization, extreme economic inequalities, migration, political violence, exclusion/inclusion, consumption, commercialization and children/youth activism.

Visible Rights: Photography for and by Youth I and II

Working with artists, educators, child rights advocates, and scholars, “Visible Rights: Photography for and by Youth” I and II explored the role that photography can play in facilitating children’s agency and promoting their rights by placing cameras in the hands of youth, giving them the power of self-representation.  Both conferences aimed to identify best practices among practitioners and scholars, to promote synergies in a network of collaborations, publications, workshops, and internships, and to encourage intervention through creative, non aggressive practices.

Here is the Visible Rights Toolkit.