I am equally committed to social justice teacher education and curriculum development and have designed and directed numerous teacher inquiry-based projects during my career – on high school and adult literacy, multiculturalism, and diversity.  One such project, funded by a gift from Jane Fonda to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, entitled Accessing Strengths and Supporting Resistance in Teaching (ASSERT), resulted in a resource packet of teacher professional development materials.

The ASSERT teacher professional development curriculum  materials are available for download on this page, and can be used by teacher educators to facilitate their efforts to develop reflexivity in teachers around issues of race, class and gender. Feel free to download, use and adapt these materials, but please do send me an email — I love to hear about the multiple lives of my projects!

Here is the executive summary of the project [PDF] and a downloadable sample of the curriculum [PDF]. The video referred to in the curriculum sample is available on YouTube. The text referred to in the curriculum sample is also available here [PDF].


Ward, J. V. (2000). “Chapter 10: School Rules.” In The Skin We’re In: Teaching Our Teens to Be Emotionally Strong, Socially Smart, and Spiritually Connected. Simon and Schuster (pp. 213-247). [PDF]